<p align="center"></p> <p align="center"><img src="/images/site2/manufacturer_copy/18/7843a225-789b-47ad-ad9d-fc32a5ae38a5.gif" alt="" width="600" height="67" /></p> <p align="left"></p> <p align="left">Losmandy Astronomical Products designs and manufactures precision equatorial mounts and secondary systems. They are known for their amazing mechanical designing and producing precise machined components consistently. <br /> <br /> Losmandy equatorial mounts are incorporated with the latest advance in proven electronics technology to assure very precise tracking accuracy. The GM 8 German Equatorial mount is Losmandy&rsquo;s smallest equatorial mount. It is very popular due to being a lightweight precision mount with compact folding tripod. The Losmandy GM 11 German Equatorial mount is an excellent value in its class. It has a high degree of tracking precision and reliability. HGM Titan is Losmandy&rsquo;s largest equatorial mount. It has the reputation of providing having low periodic error control, reliable and serviceable.<br /> <br /> Losmandy also produces equatorial position systems. Losmandy&rsquo;s orginial Gemini system is a DC servo motor based GOTO computerized positioning system designed for the Losmandy HGM200, G-11 and G-8 mounts. The new equatorial position system is the Losmandy Gemini 2 system. It has more powerful CPU, more memory and has an interactive color touch screen. <br /> <br /> The secondary systems Losmandy manufactures are the D series Dovetail system and the V series Dovetail system. Losmandy also offers a vast arrange accessories, such as mount accessories, photographic adapters, polar finders and so much more.</p>

Losmandy CW Shaft Safety Screw & Washer


Price: $8.00

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Losmandy Gemini II RS232 Computer Cable


Price: $25.00

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