Backyard Nature Products

Backyard Nature Products manufactures high quality bird feeders, birdhouses, suet feeders and accessories.  They are well known among the bird lovers of the world.

Backyard Nature Products offers a wide range of bird feeders for a variety of birds.  The Hummerfest Hummingbird Feeders are made from high-impact polycarbonate construction.  They have rain deflectors and built-in ant moats.  They are designed for easy cleaning.  The Oriofest Oriole Feeders are also made from high-impact polycarbonate.  They are designed to attract Orioles, Catbirds, Flickers, Woodpeckers, Wren and Cactus. Backyard Nature Products Blue Jay Feeders are made from wood.  They hold 2.25 whole peanuts in shell, the sure thing to attract Blue Jays.  Backyard Nature Products also manufactures Forever Thistle Feeder and the Forever Sunflower Feeder.  These feeders are made from clear molded durable acrylic top and bottom with stainless steel screen.  They have a lifetime guarantee.  The Wood Country Hanging Platform feeders have Backyard Nature Products patient “Removable Seed Trays”.  These trays make it easy and quick to clean the feeders.  Backyard Nature Products Wood Country Upside Down Suet Feeder is a one-cake feeder.  By having the feeder upside down deters Grackles and Starlings because they cannot hang upside down. 
Backyard Nature Product manufactures a variety of birdhouses.  The Ultimate Bluebird House is very popular.  It has a plexy glass window for viewing and has easy access for cleaning.  It has a large overhand and copper hole guard.  This deters predators from accessing the nesting area.  It also has a raised floor screen to prevent blow-fly infestation.   Backyard Nature Product even makes bat houses.  The Bat House is constructed from 7/8” natural red cedar with weather-resistant plated screws and fully routed edges.  The Bat House is constructed in accordance with “The Bat House Handbook”.

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