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SBIG STC-428-P Photometric CMOS Imaging System

The STC-428-P is designed for astronomical photometric measurements. With our StackPro™ in-camera stacking capability, the STC-428-P has enormous dynamic range and much greater sensitivity than comparable CCD cameras.

The package includes an eight-position filter wheel, configured with one slot acting as a shutter for dark frame collection.  The wheel is compatible with 36-mm filters.  The package includes adapters for five 1-1/4″ mounted filters, to support cost-effective UBVRI filters.


The STC-428-P is the ideal package for photometry, featuring:

  • High sensitivity, low noise 7 megapixel IMX428 imaging sensor
  • Electronic global shutter for fast exposure times (0.001 to 3600 sec.)
  • High-speed USB 3.0 interface (USB 2.0 compatible)
  • Downloads in under 50 milliseconds (depending on computer speed)
  • Stack Pro™ automatic in-camera sub-exposure stacking
  • Regulated two-stage cooling with delta ~ -30C
  • SmartCooling™ active temperature regulation to 0.1 degrees C for high calibration stability
  • Eight position FW8-STC filter wheel, with one slot configured as a dark frame shutter
  • Compatible with SBIG StarChaser SC-2 off-axis guiding camera
  • Supports AO-8A adaptive optics unit via StarChaser SC-2
  • MaxIm LT control software (Windows)
  • Multiplatform software API and sample code available

The new STC-428-P scientific CMOS camera represents a major improvement over CCD technology.  Compared with previous CCD models such as the STF-8300M, the STC-428-P features higher sensitivity (78% QE versus 56%), significantly lower read noise (2.5 e- versus 9.3 e-), and 20X faster readout.

While a single exposure on the IMX428 sensor can equal CCD dynamic range, the combination of fast readout and very low read noise allows for stacking many shorter to produce greater dynamic range than previously possible.  The built-in StackPro™ capability can automatically divide your exposure into up to 16 shorter sub-exposures, and stack them inside the camera prior to download.  This dramatically increases dynamic range without imposing greater processing requirements on the host computer – with read noise equal to or lower than comparable CCD cameras.

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