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Orion Padded Case for 11" Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA

Price: $172.95

  • Manufacturer: Orion
  • MPN: OR15193
  • SKU: OR15193
  • Availability: In Stock

28.5"x14"x14" Orion Padded Telescope Case
  • Rugged soft case protects your telescope and makes carrying and storing your scope easy
  • Made of heavy, water-resistant polyester/nylon with zipper and handle strap


Orion offers a rugged, soft custom case to fit just about every telescope we stock. And now each is fully padded on all sides to provide maximum protection of your telescope.

This padded telescope case provides a convenient means for transporting and storing your scope. It'll stay cleaner and last longer, free of dings and scrapes.

The Orion padded telescope cases are made of a heavy-duty, water-resistant polyester/nylon material with padding sewn into the inner lining. A full-length zipper allows easy access and the handle straps fit nicely in the hand.

Comfortable to carry, forgiving of bumps and bruises, and more space-efficient than boxy hard cases, Orion's telescope case is a smart buy for any telescope owner. Get yours today! One-year limited warranty.

Use the table below to ensure that this is the correct case for your telescope. For telescopes not listed, call for compatibility.

Use the table below to ensure that this is the correct case for your telescope. For scopes not listed, call for compatibility.

Find Your Telescope Compatible Padded Cases
Name Stock # Stock # Holds* Dimensions
*C = holds tube assembly and mount/tripod, T = holds tube assembly only
AstroView 6 EQ 9827 15164 C 51"x11"x14"
AstroView 80, 90 EQ 9993/9024 15146 C 48.5"x9.5"x10.5"
AstroView 100 EQ 9862 15146 C 48.5"x9.5"x10.5"
AstroView 120 EQ, 120ST EQ 9026/9005 15164 C 51"x11"x14"
Atlas 8 EQ-G Reflector 24730/24732 15160 T 44"x11.5"x13.5"
Atlas 10 EQ-G Reflector 24734/24735 15170 T 47"x17"x18"
Atlas EQ EQ-G SCT/Celestron CGE 1100 24644/24651/9657 15193 T 28.5"x14"x14"
Explorer 80, 90 Altaz 9994/9029 15146 C 48.5"x9.5"x10.5"
CPC 800 SCT 9757 15194 T  
Observer 60 Altaz 9854 15161 C 39"x9.5"x11"
Observer 70 Altaz, 70 EQ 9801/9802 15161 C 39"x9.5"x11"
ShortTube 80 EQ 21305 15161 C 39"x9.5"x11"
ShortTube 4.5 EQ 9083/9849 15163 C 43"x9"x11"
Sirius 8 EQ-G Reflector 24720/24729 15160 T 44"x11.5"x13.5"
Sirius 8 EQ-G SCT 24322/24323 15191 T 21"x10"x10"
Sirius 9.25 EQ-G SCT 24324/24325 15192 T 26"x11"x11"
Sirius 120ED EQ-G 24358/24359 15161 T 39"x9.5"x11"
SkyQuest XT4.5 9940/9804 15171 C 28"Lx10"dia + skirt
SkyQuest XT6, XT6 IntelliScope 9185/9782 15160 T 44"x11.5"x13.5"
SkyQuest XT8, XT8 IntelliScope 9707/9783 15174 T 46"x13.5"x18.5"
SkyQuest XT10, XT10 IntelliScope 9708/9789 15170 T 47"x17"x18"
SkyQuest XT12, XT12 IntelliScope 9709/9789 15187 T 60"x19"x19"
SkyView Pro 80ED EQ 9884 15176 C 56"x12.5"x13"
SkyView Pro 100, 100 ED EQ 24541/24607 15176 C 56"x12.5"x13"
SkyView Pro 120 EQ 9867 15176 C 56"x12.5"x13"
SkyView Pro 8 EQ-G Reflector 9868/9738 15160 T 44"x11.5"x13.5"
SkyView Pro 8 EQ SCT/Celestron C8 S-GT 24642/9684 15191 T 21"x10"x10"
SkyView Pro 9.25 EQ SCT/Celestron 9.25 S-GT/CGE 925 24643/9698/9647 15192 T 26"x11"x11"
SkyView Pro 150mm Mak-Cass 9967 15197 T 17.5"x7.9"x7.5"
SpaceProbe 3 Altaz, EQ 9883/9843 15163 C 43"x9"x11"
SpaceProbe 130 EQ, 130ST EQ 9027/9851/9007 15164 C 51"x11"x14"
StarBlast 4.5 EQ 9798 15163 C 43"x9"x11"
SkyView Pro Mount/Tripod 9829 15175 M 56"x8"x10"
Atlas/Sirius Mount/Tripod 247337/24338/24335/24336 15176 M 56"x12.5"x13"

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