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Nikon ML-3 Modulite Remote Control Set

Price: $199.00

  • Manufacturer: Nikon
  • MPN: 4645
  • SKU: 4645
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The Nikon ML-3 combines a transmitter and receivers for the remote control ofF5, F100, F90X/N90x, F90-Series/N90 or D1 camera by infrared ray. Its maximumeffective range is 8m (26.2 ft.).

The ML-3 is designed so the transmission button operates the same way as theshutter release button on the camera.  For example, lightly pressing the transmissionbutton turns on the camera's exposure meter and starts autofocusdetection.  Changeover form single to continuous shutter release can beaccomplished directly from the transmitter and, when set, continuous release isactivated by pressing the transmission button.  The ML-3 also offers adelay mode that releases the shutter release approximately three seconds afteryou press the transmission button. Since two channels can be selected for signaltransmission using the above functions, two ML-3 unites can be used in the samelocation, at the same time.  Also, the shutter is released without pressingthe transmission button when the subject crosses the point between thetransmitter and the receiver which manually focuses in advance using the auto triggerfunction.  This is especially convenient when you want to take a picture,for example, of a small animal that is sensitive to human presence.  

When the transmitter of the ML-1 is used with the receiver of the ML-2, themaximum operating distance is extended to 100m, away from the receiver, and anumber of F5, F100, F90X/N90s or F90-Series/N90 cameras can be operatedsimultaneously by using the ML-2's ALL mode. 

***Infrared rays from the transmission head can cause eye damage.  Donot look into the transmission head during transmission.


Transmitter and Receiver

Modulation System
Infrared communication
Range (Single-frame shooting)

Approx 8m(26.2ft) along the optical axis
Approx. 6m (19.7 ft) with a light reception angle of 10°
Number of control output channels
Two channels available - CH1, CH2

Shooting modes

S for single-frame shooting, C for continuous, DELAY for 3 sec. delayed shooting, TEST for operation check in A. TRIG mode
Operating temperature -20°C ~ 60°C ( -4°F ~ 140°F)


Continuous standby time
Approx. 72 hours with in A. TRIG mode (alkaline-manganese battery)
Infrared rays
Number of output channels
Three channels (CH1, CH2 and A. TRIG)
Shooting modes
Transmission button

Lightly pressing the button activates the camera's exposure meter and autofocus

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