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Meade 10" LightBridge Truss-Tube Dobsonian

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  • Manufacturer: Meade
  • MPN: 1005-05-03
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It's not just a big telescope. It's a big telescope that goes anywhere. New LightBridge truss-dobs from Meade take down and set up quickly. So you can take one of these massive windows on the universe out to your favorite dark sky locations with ease. LightBridge dobs give you high quality Meade optics, premium components, and ultra portability - all for about the same price as an ordinary tube dob. So get a LightBridge truss-dob. And prepare to cross the universe.

The open truss design of the LightBridge Dobsonians means portability of the telescope is dramatically improved over a solid tube design. Taking only moments to set up and take apart for travel, the extremely rigid truss frame design ensures a no-compromises view through the telescope. Hand driven Dobsonian style telescopes by their nature need good mounts with smooth and stable movement to be enjoyable, and here again the LightBridge excels. The sturdy laminated finish wooden Dobsonian mount includes premium features such as roller bearings on the azimuth (side to side) axis and large diameter aluminum altitude (vertical axis) bearings with a hand adjustable variable tension brake for smooth and stable movement.


Diffraction Limited Optics - Meade optics consistently outperform telescopes of similar and larger aperture. Consumers know that "Meade Optics Inside" means that what they see through our telescopes will be views that are detailed, crisp and full of contrast.

Meade Optical Coatings - Aluminum Coatings with magnesium fluoride over coat provides bright images full of detail.

2" Crayford-Style Machined Aluminum Focuser With 1.25" Adapter - Smooth precise focusing is achieved with this classic design. A unique focus tension knob and focus lock design gives complete control over focus.

Steel RA Roller Bearings - Roller bearings make movements smooth and effortless.

Built-In Primary Mirror Cooling Fan - Bring the telescope into thermal equilibrium quickly and efficiently with the battery powered cooling fan. The fan is mounted to the rear of the "vented" primary mirror cell for fast cool down.

Advanced Four-Reticle Red Dot Viewfinder - Four reticles and varying brightness controls allow this deluxe finder to adjust to your observing needs.

26mm QX™ Wide Angle 2" Eyepiece Deluxe Model - This premium eyepiece has a 2" barrel, and boasts a whopping 70° Apparent Field of View.




Optical Design:
Newtonian Reflector

Clear Aperture:
254mm (10")

Focal Length Focal Ratio:
1270mm f/5 (10")

Primary, Secondary Mirrors:
Aluminum coated with magnesium fluoride over coat. Mounted in adjustable mirror cell. Secondary mirror aluminum coated with magnesium fluoride over coat.

Maximum Practical Visual Power:

Meade 26mm QX Wide Angle Eyepiece delivers bright, crisp images

Optical Tube Assembly (OTA) :
Metal open Truss Design

Azimuth mechanism utilizes precision steel roller bearing, delivering silky smooth tracking

2" Crayford style focuser with 1.25" adapter

Cooling Fan:
Battery Powered Fan

Red Dot Viewfinder:
4-reticle Red Dot ViewFinder makes object location quick and precise

AutoStar Suite Astronomical Software:
Included with purchase of telescope.

G.W. 45 lbs. N.W. 39.7 lbs.

Secondary Housing (Weight) :
6 lbs.

Trusses (Weight):
2 lbs.

OTA Primary Housing (Weight):
30 lbs.

Assembled OTA (Weight):
38 lbs.

Assembled Mount (Weight):
27 lbs.

Total Net Telescope Weight (assembled):
65 lbs.


Box Dimensions (OTA):
30.3" x 17.9" x 17.4"

Box Dimensions (Mount):
25.4" x 24.8" x 5.3"

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