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Kendrick Premier 12.00" For Meade 12" SCT

Price: $121.00

  • Manufacturer: Kendrick
  • MPN: 2014
  • SKU: 2014
  • Availability: In Stock


Put your heaters in place at the beginning of an observing session with the controller at or near its lowest setting. This should be good enough for most observing sessions. The high setting is only recommended for removing moisture already collected on your objectives or for cold winter nights. If moisture has formed on your optics, put the controller on high and wait 15 to 30 minutes for the optics to warm up. SCTs should clear by then, refractors can have excess moisture removed with a tissue. You can then reset the controller to a lower setting.


We recommend, as a minimum, that a 12 amp hour rechargeable battery be used with this system. For individuals wanting to use household current, we have 120v and 240v converters that put out 12v DC at 4.5 amps. We also have a converter that is rated at 14 amps output for. This is recommended for anyone with large power requirements.

For information on our 12v 17 amp hour deep cycle battery see the Kendrick Power Pack.

If you are planning to use your own battery, it is recommended that a deep cycle battery be used. If you are using household current it must be transformed to 12vDC and your transformer must be rated for the amp requirements of your system : if your system draws 1.5 amps, then your transformer must be rated for at least 1.5 amps.


Please bear in mind that the following table of amp hour ratings is to be considered accurate only if the controller is set at high. Under normal operating conditions these ratings can be reduced by 40% to 60% as the normal controller setting is medium to low.

Telrad .88
.965" .17
1.25" .19
2" .25
3" .68
4" .85
5" 1.40
6" 1.50
7/8" 1.60
9/10" 2.0
11" 2.40
12" 2.75
14/16" 4.75
Diagonal Mirror Heaters

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