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Lior Spiegel
September 25, 2021
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Contains: Deep sky object

Acquisition Details

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In this image we can see the following objects: VDB 152 also known as LBN 531, LDN 1217 also known as Barnard 175, LBN 538 Planetary Nebula, LDN 1219 and Supernova remnant SNR G110.3, shown in red emission lines bellow LDN 538 and crossing the image from upper left to bottom right. vdB 152 is a reflection nebula visible in the constellation of Cepheus. Its position is located about 4 ° east of Alfirk (β Cephei), in a region rich in dark nebulae and star fields, located on the southern edge of the Cepheus Flare ; inside it is a blue-white star of main sequence , BD + 69 1231, of magnitude 9.29, whose radiation gives the surrounding gases a distinctly bluish color. The star is located on the southernmost end of a cometary-looking dark nebula , with a long coma that disperses to the north. In the northern part of the cloud lies LDN 1217, a very dense cloud in which the presence of several sources of infrared radiation suggest the presence of star formation phenomena . The distance of the structure is estimated at 400 parsecs (about 1300 light years). The Supernova Remnant as mentioned above is only a small part shown in this image of a much larger complex/region in the constellation Cepheus. Image captured from Negev desert Israel (Bortle 3) on Sep 4&7,2021, two nights imaging sessions. Weather conditions: Clear skies, a bit windy on first night and come on second night, no humidity on first night and a bit on second night, Moonless during imaging hours, stable atmosphere on most of the nights. Imaging Tech Details: Lum- 40x300sec-bin1 @ -10deg C` on sensor- 3h,20m R- 16x600sec-bin1 @ -10deg C`- 2h,40min G- 12x600sec-bin1 @ -10deg C`- 2h B- 12x600sec-bin1 @ -10deg C`- 2h Ha- 4x1200sec-bin1 @ -10deg C` 1h,20min Total integration time for subs- 11h,20m Bias-100, Flat-30 (no dark) were combined for each filter. Slightly cropped- 2583 x 2081 res/pxl Equipment tech details: Scope- Tak FSQ85EDX. Mount- iOptron IEQ45 Pro. Camera- Starlight Xpress Trius SX694 mono & SX Filter Wheel. Filters- Astrodon 36mm unmounted E series Gen2 LRGB. Guider- SX Lodestar x2 & SX OAG. Power & data control: Pegasus UPBv2. Focus control: Pegasus stepper motor v2 kit. Software tech details: Camera & mount control- Voyager. Guiding- PHD2. Sky chart- Voyager web Dashboard, Frame and Mosaic tool. Mount main control- iOptron via Ascom. Registration, Calibration & stacking images- PixInsight Processing- PixInsight, PS CS6.