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Ron Masters
February 9, 2021
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Contains: Solar system body or event

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Thanks to my generous brother I'm able to use his Coronado Solarmax 40 doublestack. With temperatures around 5-deg F outside, I chose first light experience to be indoors through the window, giving myself a chance to learn the tuning of the two etalons . To my delight a couple decent prominences were visible. This is a quick iPhone image taken by hand at the eyepiece, then adjusted with the iPhone photo options, finally color-adjusted in Digital Photo Professional to turn the usual deep red color of H-Alpha to solar yellow. I'm sure that when daytime temperatures are more reasonable and I can get outdoors, using my ZWO ASI 294 MC Pro camera, I will do much better. Nevertheless, for iPhone image viewing through a double pane window, first use of etalons, I'm very happy and eager to do more. This solar scope rides easily on my ioptron skytracker pro on a heavy duty tripod. The skytracker pro has the counterweight kit, but modified with panning adapters for RA and Dec to give true and smooth equatorial experience with a very portable setup. Daytime polar alignment is made easy with compass and clinometer apps on my iPhone, yielding excellent tracking.