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Ron Masters
January 11, 2021
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Contains: Solar system body or event

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2020 was a challenging year to image Saturn in my location, with its low elevation resulting in atmospheric turbulence, higher than usual levels of moisture in the upper atmosphere, and smoky skies from western US fires. Seeing was at best moderate for this image, obtained with my ZWO ASI294MC Pro camera on 2x ED barlow at the focus of my 14.5" Zambuto mirror Starmaster hybrid truss Dob. 30 seconds of SER video captured in SharpCap were processed in PIPP/Autostakkert/Registax 6 wavelets and finally Digital Photo Professional to obtain this image. Maybe next year. I recall one brief period one evening this summer when seeing was excellent, the Cassini division sharp and black, but I was not set up for imaging, and clouds moved in before I could set up.