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Ron Masters
November 7, 2020
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Contains: Deep sky object

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Imaged 7-Nov-2020 under Bortle 4 sky at Naperville Astronomical Association dark sky site. Starmaster hybrid truss Dobsonian reflector with 14.5" Zambuto mirror and Skycommander go-to and tracking. ZWO ASI 294 MC Pro camera cooled to 5-deg C, RAW-16. SharpCap livestack of 67 9-second frames for just over 10 minutes exposure time, final adjustments in Digital Photo Professional. Alcyone is to the lower left, Maia upper right, and Merope lower right. Hopefully the entire image appears to show all 3 major stars in the Pleiades cluster. The reflection nebula are well-defined in this image. SharpCap livestack brings this out easily under modestly dark skies.