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Lior Spiegel
September 1, 2020
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Contains: Deep sky object

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NGC 6729 (also known as Caldwell 68) is a reflection/emission nebula in the constellation Corona Australis. It was discovered by Johann Friedrich Julius Schmidt in 1861. This fan-shaped nebula opens from the star R Coronae Australis toward the star T CrA to the south-east. R CrA is a pre-main-sequence star in the Corona Australis molecular complex, one of the closer star-forming regions of the galaxy at a distance of 130 pc. This image also contain NGC 6726,6727, IC 4812 and NGC 6723 which is a Planetary star cluster as also known as Chandelier star cluster. A "small" galaxy located to the upper left of IC 4812 and a planetary nebula shown as a red circle can also be seen in this image locate to the right of IC 4812. This image were taken from Negev desert Israel on July 17-18, 2020, two nights imaging sessions, Moonless nights. In both nights I couldn`t start imaging until 10:30pm because of a strong wind, at exactly 10:30pm the wind calm down and imaging started. Image details: This is an LRGB version: Lum: 71x180sec @ -10deg c` bin 1x1 R: 18X300sec @ -10deg c` bin 1x1 G: 18x300sec @ -10deg c` bin 1x1 B: 18x300sec @ -10deg c` bin 1x1 Total integration time for subs: 8 hours. Calibration frames: Dark- 20, Bias- 100, Flat- 30 were combined for each filter. Equipment details: Mount- iOptron IEQ45 Pro. Scope- Tak FSQ85EDX. Camera- Starlight Xpress Trius SX694 mono & SX Filter Wheel Filters- Astrodon 36mm unmounted E series Gen2 LRGB Guider- SX Lodestar x2 & SX OAG. Power & data control: Pegasus UPBv2. Focus control: Pegasus stepper motor v2 kit. Software details: Camera & mount control- SGP via Ascom Guiding- PHD2 Sky chart- Stellarium Mount main control- iOptron via Ascom Registration, Calibration & stacking images- Maxim DL5 Processing- PS CS6

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