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Ron Masters
July 25, 2020
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Contains: Solar system body or event

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Date Posted: July 25, 2020

Equipment card


Jupiter imaged as follows: Starmaster hybrid truss dobsonian 14.5" Zambuto f4.3 mirror, skycommander go-to and tracking, Siebert Black Knight 2" binoviewer, one side using 36mm observatory class eyepiece, other side using ZWO ASI294MC-pro camera. Binoviewer set up with 2x OCA, no extender or reducer, so total effect is like a 4x barlow, but much better optical quality. Capture in SharpCap as 60-seconds AVI video at 4144x2116 resolution, alignment/stacking in Autostakkert, Wavelets with Registax 6, final touches in Digital Photo Professional. The difference between this and the previous image is the use of Autostakkert for alignment/stacking, and a slightly different wavelet processing in Registax 6. This creates a more balanced, sharper, more detailed, less noisy appearance to my eyes.