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Ron Masters
March 8, 2020
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Contains: Solar system body or event

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Date Posted: March 8, 2020

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Lunar crater Grimaldi is at the western edge of the moon. Near full moon it usually appears as a low albedo featureless mare lava floor. This image was acquired within 2 days of full moon using a Starmaster hybrid truss dobsonian scope with 14.5" Zambuto mirror, 2" Elite 45 Siebert Optics binoviewer with 2x OCA, 2" Observatory Series 36mm fl Siebert Optics eyepiece, and my iPhone XR in standard photo mode, held by hand at one of the eyepieces. The best of 10 in a 3-second delay burst was chosen for further processing in the iPhone and Digital Photo Professional. The details viewable by eye in the binoviewer are well beyond what is captured in this image. I plan to experiment with eyepiece projection to my Canon T3i from this scope with monocular path through the observatory series eyepiece. The amount of detail observed here near full moon is beyond my expectations, driven some by the terminator still present near the western edge, but also the excellent contrast from the Zambuto mirror and excellent performance of the Siebert observatory series eyepiece. I feel fortunate to own eyepieces by a maker who has made them for Mt. Wilson, Carnegie Mellon, and Lick observatories.