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Mark Killion
January 12, 2020
post image

Contains: Deep sky object

Acquisition Details

Time: 04:00 PM

Equipment card


This image is composed of 19 exposres at ISO 1600 at 5 minutes each. Twenty dark frames were taken at the same ISO and duration. Clouds moved in so I had to shut down prematurely. The exposres were taken on 11/24/19. I wasn't sure both if these nebula would fit in my camera sensor since I was using a 130 mm refractor with a reducer which made the resulting focal length 455mm. It was a very tight fit. I guided with a 60mm scope and used a now-obsolete SBIG STV. No dithering was used. I used a light pollution filter and a custom white balance. Deep Sky Stacker was used (Sigma Kappa Clipping) to combine the exposures and subtract the dark frames. Photoshop release 21.0.2 was used for post processing. I submitted a previous image of the Heart and Soul but took that image down after having more time to work on the post processing phase.

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