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Ron Masters
July 7, 2018
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Contains: Extremely wide field

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Date Posted: July 7, 2018

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Hmmm, which category? Planet? Yes, Deep Sky? Yes, Nebula? Yes, Globular Cluster? Yes Excellent night with conditions as good as they get at this Midwest US location. Taken July 6, 2018. Saturn, upper center in this set of 3 stacked images, is overexposed in order to see all these wonderful objects in Sagittarius: Wild Duck cluster, m22 globular cluster, Trifid and Lagoon nebulas, many Barnard dark areas, and Saturn. Don’t be afraid to zoom in. This combination of camera and lens provides nice wide field images that can be digitally zoomed to see much more detail in many sections of the image. Canon T3i with Canon 75-300mm lens set on manual and 75mm fl. Stack of 3 20 second exposures at 6400iso, f4.5. Ioptron Skytracker Pro mount on quantaray tripod, polar aligned. Enjoy.