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Mark Killion
May 24, 2018
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Contains: Deep sky object

Acquisition Details

Date Posted: May 24, 2018

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I recently posted a photo of M51 but have deleted it since I have had the time to shoot some additional exposures of this galaxy. So what you're looking at now is a stacked image of 14 exposures (ISO 800 and 6 minutes) with another 6 exposures (ISO 800 and 8 minutes). I used a Takahashi FSQ-106 (older version) and NJP mount with an unmodified Canon 6D camera. No filters were used and I guided with a 60mm scope and an SBIG-STV. I used Deep Sky Stacker to rotate, align and stack the images and I cropped and processed the image using PhotoShop CC. FYI, I used the techniques of Jerry Lodriguss to process the image. The galaxy contains more structure than the previous M51 image that I posted and the other galaxies in the field of view are more pronounced.

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