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Mark Killion
November 4, 2017
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Contains: Deep sky object

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Some friends of mine have asked me several times just how much sky area the Adromeda Galaxy fills and it was hard to really explain it to them. Of course, all of you in here know. But anyway, I made this collage to explain it to my friends who are unfamiliar with this galaxy just how big an object it is in our sky. And I added some other objects showing how small the apparent size of these objects are compared to M31. All DSO's were taken at prime focus of my FSQ-106. As a child, I would look at photos of this galaxy and see where the credits were given in the photos. In those days the credits usually went to large observatories. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would be taking photos of this galaxy with a tiny 4" diameter telescope. I think many of us in here have been down this same path. Anyway, I'm so blown away by the optics of this FSQ-106 scope and also the Canon cameras. I started with film back in 1992 and my oh my how far we have come. Mark Killion

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