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Roland Christen
December 2, 2016
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Contains: Deep sky object

Acquisition Details

Time: 04:00 PM

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This image of the crab nebula was taken from below the equator down in Chile at our remote site at Las Campanas with the AP 12" F8 Astrograph. It’s a Ha/OIII composition assigning Ha to the red channel, OIII to the blue channel, and synthesizing the green channel with a combination of the two. Exposure time Ha 23 x 1200 sec, OIII 25 x 1200 sec for a total exposure time of 16 hours. M1 is a far north object that does not rise very high in the sky in Chile, and this image shows just how pristine the skies are in the Chilean Andes mountains even for objects that are near the horizon. Image capture by Howard Hedlund of AP, image processing by Dave Jurasevich.

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