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Dave Erickson
September 12, 2016
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Contains: Deep sky object

Acquisition Details

Date Posted: September 12, 2016

External Link:

Resolutions: 650x431 , 800x530 , 300x198

Link to TIFF/FITS:

Date: September 12, 2016

Number of frames: 278

Time: 04:00 PM

Equipment card



(4)Panel Mosaic of the Soul nebula, Heart nebula, Double Cluster, G132.7+0.13 Super Nova Remnant and a lot more. This image was processed to highlight the background hydrogen cloud that is rarely imaged but present everywhere in the mosaic including the area surrounding the double cluster. The more that 90 hours of integration are from 2015 and 2016. Heart Nebula, IC 1805, Sharpless 2-190, lies some 7500 light years away from Earth and is located in the Perseus Arm of our Galaxy in the constellation Cassiopeia. The very brightest part of this nebula is NGC 896. Soul Nebula Sharpless 2-199, LBN 667 or Westerhout 5 has a number of small open clusters embedded in the nebula. The Super Nova Remnant shows filiments of hydrogen and oxygen and is just beyond the tip of the heart nebula toward the top left of the mosaic. The popular double cluster is a naked-eye open clusters NGC 869 and NGC 884 in the constellation Perseus. NGC 869 and NGC 884 both lie at a distance of 7500 light years. Surrounding them is a dim rarely imaged hydrogen cloud that extends up to the Heart and Soul nebulae. North is to the left of the image... Higher Resolution:

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