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Steve Cooper
December 27, 2015
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Contains: Deep sky object

Acquisition Details

Time: 04:00 PM

Equipment card

Imaging telescopes:


Monkey Head & Jellyfish Nebula in "modified" HST palette QSI 683wsg camera and Takahashi FSQ 85 telescope with .73X Reducer. Astrodon 3nm Ha, OIII, and SII filters. AP 900 mount. SX Loadstar autoguiding camera. 6 X 20 min subs Ha, OIII, and SII @ -30. Bin 1X1 Frames acquired with MaxIm DL 6, calibrated in CCD Stack2. Processing in PixInsight. Stardust Ranch

M78/Barnard's Loop/LDN 1622 in HaLRGB

December 21, 2015

Sh2-199 - The Soul Nebula (Baby Nebula)

December 6, 2015

M51; Whirlpool Galaxy

December 21, 2015

M 31, The Andromeda Galaxy

December 6, 2015

M 106

December 27, 2015