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Thomas Walker
November 27, 2015
post image

Contains: Solar system body or event

Acquisition Details

Number of frames: 40

Time: 08:20 PM

Focal Length: 910mm

Equipment card



Nov 25 2015 Full Moon Image captured on the evening of Nov 25th when the Moon was about 4 hours past full. A TMB-130SS Apochromatic telescope and an SBIG 8300C OSC CCD camera equipped with a 13mm lunar filter and controlled by ImagesPlus (IP) Camera Control (Ver. 6) were used to capture 40 sub-images that were subsequently stacked, brightened and sharpened in IP. The natural colors of the moon were only slightly enhanced via increased saturation. - Copyright T.O.M.S. Observatory - 2015.11.27.

M33, Triangulum Galaxy

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