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Charles Stevenson
October 27, 2015
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Date Posted: October 27, 2015

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Resolutions: 1216x912 , 800x600 , 300x225

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Date: October 25, 2015

Number of frames: 1

Time: 07:11 PM

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When the moon is full, astrophotographers often have less than an enthusiastic response. It tends to dominate the sky and wash out any hope of observing deep sky objects. I used the beginnings of tonight to try out my new folding table‚Äďa big step up from setting things on a Rubbermaid tub. I figured another good use for the bright moon was to illuminate myself and telescope for a selfie. I tried to hold pretty still for 3 minutes while the exposure unfolded. The hope was to catch the star trails as they seem to revolve around Polaris (made more obvious with software enhanced diffraction spikes).

M42 - Orion Nebula

October 24, 2015

Full Moon - Color Negative

October 25, 2015

Messier 101

May 28, 2015

Flying into the Sun

April 15, 2015

M31 - Andromeda galaxy

October 21, 2015