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Louie Atalasidis
February 28, 2014
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Shot from the dark skies of Coonabarabran,Australia last new moon. Telescope: BabyQ Camera: ML 8300 Exposures: Lum:22 x 10min/RGB:7 x 10min each channel Software: AA5/CS6 Info copied from Wikipedia: IC 2631 (also known as Ced 112) is a reflection nebula visible in the constellation of the Chameleon . It locates in the northern part of the constellation, about 3 ° northeast of the star δ Chamaeleontis , fourth magnitude , lies on the edge of the hull and on the northern edge of a dark nebula extended to some degree, whose presence can be detected by the absence of background stars in his direction. Its declination is strongly austral, to the point that it can be observed almost exclusively from the regions of ' Southern Hemisphere terrestrial, although it is visible very low on ' horizon , even a few degrees north of the ' equator . IC 2631 is a reflection nebula brightest part of the cloud of Chameleon , a molecular cloud in which they place the phenomena of star formation creating low-mass stars, this cloud is of great importance in the study of the formation of planetary systems and dwarf brown . [4] The star responsible for the lighting of the gas in the direction of IC 2631 is a young star HD 97300, it is a T Tauri star with emission in the ' infrared , to the point that it also has the initials Ced 112 IRS 3. This star is part of the Chamaeleon T1, a group of T Tauri stars physically linked to the cloud Chamaeleon I, in which they were formed; [5] this cloud, which is the most northerly section of the Cloud's Chameleon, is the one that presents the increased activity of star formation, the whole system of which it forms part nebulous.

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