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Thomas Walker
June 23, 2013
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Date Posted: June 23, 2013

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"Super Moon" taken from from Top Of Mississippi Skies Observatory. It is called that because it appears to some to be larger due to the occurrence of a full moon at the same time the moon is near its closest point to the earth. The difference in apparent size at full moon between perigee - its closest point and apogee - its farthest point is about 14%. While the average distance from Earth to Moon in its elliptical orbit is 238,857 miles, or 384,403 km; it was approximately 219,732 mi, or 353,625 km from the earth (19,125 mi, or 30,778 km closer) at the time of the photo (2:01 am on Jun 23, 2013, about 4 1/2 hrs before the precise full moon). The image was taken with a TMB-130 Apochromatic refractor at f/7 through an ImagingSource DBK-41 video camera, mounted on a Celestron CGE-Pro mount. Image consists of a mosaic of 6 sub-images each from stacking the best 300 of over 2000 AVI frames for each sub-image in Registax 6 and assembled in PhotoShop. Final sharpening was performed in ImagesPlus v5.5.

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