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Anthony Ayiomamitis
January 21, 2011
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Date Posted: January 21, 2011

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The weather gods did their magic a couple of nights ago and where very good weather made the observation and imaging of the Wolf Full Moon possible. The foreground is the 2500-yr old Parthenon of Athens and one of the most recognized cultural symbols of the world.

NGC 884 - Open Cluster in Perseus

January 6, 2011

IC 5070 - Pelican Nebula in Cygnus

January 6, 2011

Red Dwarf Krueger 60 A/B

January 6, 2011

Pickering's Triangle - SNR in Cygnus

January 6, 2011

Exoplanet HAT-P-4b in Boo

April 27, 2010