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Anthony Ayiomamitis
April 27, 2010
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Date Posted: April 27, 2010

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The light curve for exoplanet HAT-P-4b in Bootes depicted above is one of the later transitting exoplanets, having being discovered late 2007, and represents the fourth discovery by the Hungarian-based HATNet Project team. HAT-P-4b is characterized with a mass 68% times that of Jupiter and in spite of a larger radius (1.27 RJup), thus making this find a low-density hot Jupiter. HAT-P-4b requires 254 minutes to transit its parent star at a depth of 8 mmag (0.80)%. The parent star, BD+36°2593, is estimated to have a mass of 1.26 solar masses, a radius equivalent to 1.59 solar radii, a temperature of 5,860° K and to lie at a distance of 1011 light-years away with a visual magnitude of 11.21. Further details regarding HAT-P-4 and HAT-P-4b are available in the paper published by the discovery team led by G. Kovacs et al.

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