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Jim Ives
July 20, 2006
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Acquisition Details

Date Posted: July 20, 2006

Equipment card


Type: Emission/Dark Nebula Exposure Length: 2hrs 15Min [(R=3x15Min) (B=3x15Min) (G=3x15Min)] Binned: 1x1 Focal Length: 530mm @ f/3.3 Chip Temp: -35 degrees Filters: Hutech Type 3 RGB Camera: SBIG ST2000XM CCD Guiding: Self Guided Guiding Error: <.5 pixels Instrument: Takahashi Epsilon 160 Hyperbolic Astrograph Date: 26AP03


July 20, 2006

Lagoon Nebula

July 20, 2006

Veil Nebula

July 20, 2006