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Price: $10,735.00

  • Manufacturer: Finger Lakes Instrumentation
  • MPN: ML11002 G1 65mm
  • SKU: ML11002 G1 65mm
  • Availability: Custom Order - Call for Lead Times & Availability

Small form factor: At 3.7 x 3.7 x 5-inches (HWL), the FLI MicroLine is a small camera with big camera capabilities! The MicroLine improves upon the highly successful FLI MaxCam design in a number of key areas including cooling, download speeds, clear aperture, and sensor capability.

Cooling: The FLI MicroLine's robust cooling design achieves a sustainable cooling performance of 50 to 55-degrees C below ambient. The camera's CCD can be operated at Neg.30-degrees C with typical room temperatures and without the need for water cooling (sold as a separate option, visit the Accessories section for a list of choices) or special cooling sequences. Simply set the MicroLine cooling where you want it and the camera will do the rest - quickly and worry-free.

 The MicroLine has an internal frame buffer, thus allowing an image to be quickly read out and downloaded to the PC. This allows the PC to take the image at whatever speed it is capable of without introducing any artifacts to the image. (Conventional imaging cameras move the image data directly from the image sensor to the USB port, making them susceptible to added artifacts due to PC processing tasks, processor speed, and other PC-related issues.)


When it comes the FLI MicroLine, you get system compatibility and mounting options as well as mechanical shutter, liquid cooling, and Anti-Dew Technology options that will help you trick out your camera the way you want it. This cameras is compatible with all FLI imaging accessories, including the Precision line of Color Filter Wheels and Digital Focusers. MicroLine camera adapters are available for microscope, telescope and machine vision connectivity. Scroll down for a list of available time-of-purchase options for this camera model and sensor combination.

The MicroLine CCD Camera Series Features:

  • Storage temperature range: Neg.50-degrees C to 100-degrees C
  • Operation temperature range: Neg.40-degrees C to 50-degrees C
  • Relative humidity operating range: 95-percent
  • Heavy weight performance in a 2.8-pound package with Liquid and Air Cooled bases
  • RBI Annihilator Standard and AR Coated Windows
  • Video mode with interline sensors and Small Footprint (3.7 x 3.7 x 5-inches)
  • Power requirements: 12V, Reaches operating temperatures in 5 minutes!
  • Ideal for X-ray Applications, Astronomical Imaging, Scientific Imaging, Medical Applications, and Forensic Applications.


About The Kodak KAI-11002 Grade 1 Sensor:  The Kodak KAI-11002 Image Sensor is a high-performance 11-million pixel sensor designed for professional digital still camera applications. The 9.0 micron square pixels with micro-lenses provide high sensitivity and the large full well capacity results in high dynamic range. 

The two high-speed outputs and binning capabilities allow for 1 to 3 frames per second (fps) video rate for the progressively scanned images. The vertical overflow drain structure provides anti-blooming protection and enables electronic shuttering for precise exposure control. Other features include low dark current, negligible lag and low smear. 

Kodak KAI-11002 Grade 1 Sensor Features:

  • Total Number of Pixels: 4072 (H) x 2720 (V) = 11.1M
  • Number of Effective Pixels: 4032 (H) x 2688 (V) = 10.8M
  • Number of Active Pixels: 4008 (H) x 2672 (V) = 10.7M
  • Number of Outputs: 1 or 2 - Dynamic Range: 66 dB
  • Pixel Size: 9.0 microns (H) x 9.0 microns (V)
  • Imager Size: 43.3 mm (diagonal)
  • Chip Size: 37.25 mm (H) x 25.70 mm (V)
  • Aspect Ratio: 3:2 - Saturation Signal: 60,000 electrons
  • Quantum Efficiency (KAI-11002-ABA) - Maximum Data Rate: 28 MHz
  • Color (RGB): 34-percent, 37-percent, 42-percent
  • Output Sensitivity - 13 mV/e- Total Noise: 30 electrons
  • Dark Current: less than 50 mV/s Dark Current Doubling Temperature: 7-degrees C
  • Charge Transfer Efficiency: Over 0.99999 - Blooming Suppression: Less than 1000X Smear: Over Neg.80 dB Image Lag: less than 10 electrons
  • Package: 40-pin, CerDIP, 0.070 pin spacing - Cover Glass: AR Coated
  • High resolution - High sensitivity - High dynamic range
  • Low noise architecture - High frame rate
  • Binning capability for higher frame rate - Electronic shutter
  • Industrial Imaging and Medical Imaging Applications

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