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Finger Lakes Instruments (CCD) ProLine 16803 w/KAI-16803 Truesense Full Frame CCD (63.5mm Shutter)

Price: $12,495.00

Build Quality

Every major component of the ProLine is CNC machined to ensure a long life in the most demanding conditions. The ProLine base / heat sink, shutter housing and front flange are each machined from a single piece of high grade aluminum. (Being part of the base assembly, even the ProLine fan cover is CNC machined!) The electrical printed circuit boards use only the highest quality components and are protected from harsh environment without the need for conformal coatings (Dual Sealed Chambers).


Dual Sealed Chambers

The ProLine features a unique dual sealed chamber system. Both the camera electronics and sensor are located in separate sealed chambers to keep moisture out and the camera's dry noble gas in! Improving upon the highly successful MaxCam sealed camera design, the ProLine avoids environmentally related failures that are common in humid environments.


Fast, Adjustable Download Speeds

Breaking new ground in download speeds, the ProLine provides the user with extremely fast user-selectable download speeds. You can operate at up to 12 megapixels/sec. for focusing. This means that an unbinned PL11002 image can be downloaded to your PC in as little as 0.9 sec for focusing. For imaging, the download time can be increased to dramatically reduce the noise in the final image.



The ProLine achieves a 60°C - 70°C cooling performance. Customers may select from an air-cooled or (optional) liquid cooled base. In either operation, our robust cooling performance ensures low dark current and its attendant noise. Unlike competitive products, FLI measures cooling performance from ambient air temperatures, not camera base temperatures! No special cooling sequence staging is required. Simply set the ProLine cooling where you want it and the camera will do the rest - quickly and without worries.


Internal Frame Buffer

Conventional imaging cameras move the image data directly from the image sensor to the USB port, making them susceptible to added artifacts due to PC processing tasks, processor speed, and other PC-related artifacts. By providing memory internal to the camera, the imaging chip is quickly read out to the memory and downloaded to the PC form there. This allows the PC to take the image at whatever speed the PC is capable, without introducing any artifacts.


Accurate Sensor Placement

Through sophisticated design and production techniques, your image sensor is accurately aligned so that the imaging chip is perpendicular to the optical path without shims or other post-assembly adjustments. This is crucially important as chips get larger to insure the entire frame of your image is in focus. Although not required by some applications, we also accurately control the 'X,Y' location of the sensor so that it is square to the camera body.


Customer Support

Our policy is to provide the highest level of Customer Support possible. Should you encounter a problem with your FLI product, you can expect a quick and effective response. Our Customer Support Policy holds true for new, used and out of warranty products.


PL16803 Sensor Specs
Sensor: Truesense KAF-16803
Pixels: 4096 x 4096
Pixel Size: 9 μm
Full Well Capacity: 100,000 e-
Sensor Diagonal: 52.1 mm
Video Size (inch): 3.3
Anti Blooming: > 100X saturation exposure
Color Options: Monochrome
CCD Type: Front Illuminated
CCD Grades: Standard
PL16803 Performance
Camera Spec Sheet: PDF
Digitization Speed: 1 MHz, 8 MHz
Typical System Noise: 10e- @ 1 MHz; 14-e @ 8 MHz
Typical Maximum Cooling: 55ºC Below Ambient
Typical Dark Current:  
Non linearity: <1%
Lens Mounts: F-Mount
Available Shutters: 65 mm
All ProLine Cameras
Housing Dimensions: 6.2 x 6.2 x 3.8 (157.48 x 157.48 x 96.52)
Focal Plane to Faceplate: 21.3 mm (optical)
Weight: 5.6 lbs. (Liquid Cooled - 4.6 lbs.)
Interface: USB 2.0
Temperature Stability: 0.1ºC
Remote Triggering: Standard
Shutter MTBF: 1,000,000
Power: 12V (100-240V AC to 12V DC power supply included). With TEC off:
Environment: -30ºC - 45ºC | 10% - 90% Relative Humidity


Proline 16803 Quantum Efficiency

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