Highlighted items from every AstrBest deal out the Celestron NexStar SE sale?  All of them?  Honestly, the 8" SE is a deal at $999.  Portable computerized light gathering goodness.  Throw the $99 SkyPortal on the scope and control the scope from your Apple or Android smart device.onomics sale going on right now.  Eyepieces, scopes, you name it.

I think the Maksutov scopes in this sale are the best deal going, well and the 4" ED refractor.

100mm $649 STAFF CHOICE

90mm $190
102mm $230
127mm $400
150mm $680
180mm $1075

Pretty much the largest "portable" SCT you can get at a great price.  The 10" LX90.  The 10" is on sale for $2099

Everything about this sale is good.  There is not one standout product that screams, "BUY ME!"  They kinda actually all scream that.

Wifi, check.  EdgeHD optics, check.  Self Aligment, check.  Save $300, double check.  The 8" EdgeHD evolution provides you with the best of everything that Celestron has.  Snag one while you can at $1999.

The best deal in the Explore telescope sale, in my opinion is the 8" newtonian. The OTA is priced at $349 saving you right at $150. That is a ton of scope for a great price.

The people spoke as to what the best deal was for the LX600 sale.  The clear winner has been the 14" model.   I know, shocking.  However, the $800 savings has been too good a deal to pass up for most.  Now priced at $7199.

Missing the allure of the Great American Eclipse? Well, Coronado can help you relive fond memories, minus the eclipse. Just great views of the sun. Get the PST for $549 saving you $150!

I am a little odd. I like photos with canted angles, and French New Wave films like Breathless. Which might be why I like the 9.25" from Celestron and feel it is the best deal going. A great tweener scope that has quite a following by astrophotographers for decades.

9.25" EdgeHD was $3199 now $2799

9.25" Standard was $2499 now $2099

I like the 6" model in this case. Great instrument to just flip a switch and let it align itself.

The 6" LightSwitch is now $1399

I will let the public take the reigns on this one as well.  If not, I might recommend 8" scopes all day long.  Your fellow astronomers have spoken and the 12" LX200 has been the most popular model during this sale. 12" LX200-ACF @ $4099 a $500 savings.

Really not much to say with this one either.  Save all kinds of money on all kinds of eyepieces.