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Adventure Action Gear Electra 555 Heating Vest (Small)

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Price: $149.00

What is FIR?

Far-Infrared Rays (FIR) are natural occurring light waves emitted from the sun that have proven to be beneficial to many bodily functions in recent studies. Whereas most visible light bounces off the skin, Far Infrared Rays are just beyond the range of visible light - slightly smaller and thus capable of penetrating beyond the skin level. This penetration generates most of the beneficial effects. The simplest being that the human body experiences energy absorbed by FIR as a gentle radiant heat.

Delving further into the complexities - Far-Infrared waves cause water molecules in the body to vibrate and that in turn lead to an increase in temperature. This then causes an expansion of capillaries near the skin surface. As a result, blood circulates better and metabolism increases. For rehabilitation purposes this has also proven to be useful, promoting better tissue regeneration and reducing cramping. Stress reduction can occur via better circulation as well by way of strain reduction on the nervous system.

Benefits of FIR:

Studies have associated many health benefits with FIR. Stress reduction, detoxification, and Immune System Enhancement are just a few.

The human body radiates heat waves naturally at the same wavelengths as Far Infrared waves. Because of this, cells within the absorption area excite to normal resonant frequencies (usually achieved during exercise when the body releases excess heat to regulate body temperature). The emulated effects of exercise then eliminate toxins into the blood stream that are then excreted through normal bodily functions. Furthermore, after exposure to FIR, the slight increase in body temperature can have the same protective effects of a fever (the body's natural defense against bacteria, microbes, and infection) resulting in Immune System Enhancement.

How FIR is generated:

To replicate the naturally occurring Far-Infrared Rays, cutting edge modern carbon fiber technology is being utilized. Heating elements that are only 0.2mm big (as thin as a human hair) produce the desired Far-Infrared Rays. These barely detectable elements are powered by an almost equally undetectable low voltage direct-current source. This source minimizes health risks often associated with conventional electric blankets such as electric radiation exposure and electric wave interference.

Applications of FIR:

With improved technology many new products are now being manufactured to harness the benefits of FIR such as heated apparel, bedding, and other accessories. Most of these products are similar to their predecessors, but with many advances.

FIR technology is also revolutionizing the world of apparel. The compact nature of the heating elements allows for them to be placed in clothing items such as socks, gloves, vests and jackets. Not only do the articles function to provide heat at your convenience, but they are still comfortable and easy to wear.

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5.0 out of 5 stars

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Electra-Glide under winter stars

By Dan Bush on October, 17th 2009

A super vest! No more wrapping-up like Michelin Man or running back to the warm room on frigid nights! Complete multi-zone control with the touch of a switch. Observing just became a whole lot simpler and more enjoyable!

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