Stellarvue SV115T-25FT Apo Triplet

The SV115T-25FT is designed as a stunning, super planetary visual telescope with superior contrast and resolution. This telescope is preferred by visual observers who want to see more detail on the planets and in deep sky objects than a 4” telescope can deliver. This model comes with a 2.5” Feather Touch Focuser in place of the Stellarvue focuser (not shown in picture).

The SV115T-25FT has white aluminum tube and dew shield. This model comes with a 2.5” Feather Touch Focuser in place of the Stellarvue focuser(shown below). The telescope comes with aluminum mounting rings and a heavy duty, thickly padded nylon C9S travel case.

Product Specifications

Objective Lens

115 mm, 800 mm focal length air spaced, apochromatic triplet objective.

Tube Assembly

All aluminum, fully baffled, precision machined optical tube assembly


5.53" diameter retracting aluminum dewshield 9 1/2" long


2.5” Feather Touch Focuser.

Mounting Ring(s)

R115SET mounting rings with five 6 mm threaded holes on the top and bottom. Holes are spaced 1.5" & 60 mm apart with one in center. Vixen dovetail rail.


4.57" diameter main tube and 5.53" diameter dewshield 9 1/2" long. With dewshield retracted, telescope is 27 1/4" long. 5 1/2" longer with dewshield extended


Optical tube weighs 11.5 lbs. Rings weigh about 1 lb each.


Optional, Recommended:
Red Dot Finder: F1001/F1001C
Multi Reticle Finder: F2/F2A
Optical Finder: F50M2/R50A


Thickly cushioned, heavy duty C9S case with straps.

Light Gain


Color Correction