Stellarvue is a small company that is dedicated to produce high quality, reasonably priced astronomy equipment.  They value their customer and are committed to make sure all their customers receive Stellarvue instruments that operate, as they should. 

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Stellarvue 2.5 X Triplet Barlow

Increase your magnification while maintaining the eye relief of the eyepiece you are using. This compression ring, 1.25” Barlow will essentially double your 1.25” eyepiece collection by giving you a range of higher powers.

Stellarvue 50MM Optical Guide Scope

Similar to a finder scope, this guide scope features a non-rotating helical focuser making it easier to focus the camera. These guide scopes have been very popular for guiding a refractor. The 50 mm guide scope fits on our dual ring systems.

Stellarvue FBB Finder Base

This is the same shoe used at the bottom of the R50F and R50S. It is a shoe that accepts our standard finderscope dovetail foot that is 1.21” (31 mm) maximum width and tapers to a width of about .82” (21 mm).

Stellarvue R80TAK 80mm Finder Rings for Takahashi Clamshells

Finderscope rings and base for Takahashi.

Stellarvue SV110EDE-25SV ED Doublet Refractor

The SV110EDE-25SV f/7 ED doublet refractor has a white aluminum tube and dewshield. It comes with a fully rotating 2.5” dual speed Stellarvue focuser with 1.25” and 2” compression ring adapters, 121 mm threaded extension and dual hinged rings.

Stellarvue SV60 Apo Refractor

The SV60APO has a lightweight aluminum tube and dew shield. It weighs only 3 pounds. It comes with a 2" rack and pinion focuser with a 1.25" compression ring adapter.

Stellarvue Large Chip Field Flattener for 3.0” Feather Touch Focuser

Designed for large chip cameras. This one threads directly into the Feather Touch 3" dual speed focuser. It will work as is with a DSLR camera but will require extension tubes when used with any CCD camera.

Stellarvue 1 1/4" Color Matched Chroma Filter

For telescopes with very minimal false color. 1.25" size. Made with precisely flat optical glass coated with hard, multi-layer coatings in the USA. Now available.

Stellarvue 1.25" 2x Deluxe Barlow

Our Barlow lens doubles the power of any 1.25" eyepiece. Double your eyepiece selection with just this one item. Works with all Stellarvue telescopes. Improves the performance of many eyepieces. Improved contrast and color correction over many other commercial units. Has brass thumbscrew.

Stellarvue 1.25" Deluxe 45 Degree Erecting Prism

High quality unit uses compression ring and has a tapered insert tube for better alignment. Provides images that are right side up and correctly oriented. As with all erecting prisms, suggested for daytime use only.

Stellarvue 1.25" Deluxe Enhanced Dielectric Diagonal

Dielectric 1 1/4" Mirror Star Diagonal. Comes with a thick, precision, optical flat mirror with an enhanced 99% reflective dielectric coating. Compression ring holds eyepieces firmly and the insert tube has the safety groove and filter thread. All aluminum construction. Individually alignment tested and star tested here for excellent performance.

Stellarvue 105 mm Heavy Duty Dual Rings

Used on Stellarvue 102 - 105 mm telescopes, these rings work with Stellarvue 105 mm OD tubes. They are not sized for other brands telescopes.