Mr. Bird


Mr. Bird is well known among bird lovers.  Their bird food products are made with premium quality.  Mr. Bird’s goal is to make products that quickly attract an assortment of the birds.  Which will in turn, will make their customers happy with the all opportunities to view the birds.  

Mr. Bird offers their bird food in block and cylinder forms.  These seed forms last up to five times longer than loose seed. Not only does is save time from putting bird seed out but there is less waste and mess with seed blocks.

Mr. Bird has some great holiday gifts. At Christmas time there are several prefect gifts for bird lovers.  Mr. Bird has bird food shaped into Christmas trees, wreaths, pinecones, ornament, and garland.  For Thanksgiving, there is the Seedcocopia. The Love Heart is great for Valentines Day.  And for any occasion, there are the adorable birdhouses.  They covered with premium birdseed and are available in different styles. There is the Mr. Bird Spring Cottage, Mr. Bird Spring Wren Castel and Mr. Bird Birdies B&B Chalet.  What a perfect home for a bird, they can eat at home.   What a perfect home for a bird, they can eat at home




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