ScopeGuard is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality telescope transport cases.   They use the best materials available.  They strive to provide transport solutions to their customers.

Each of ScopeGuard’s case are built to the standard dimensions of the particular telescope or customized for personal needs.  They provide cases for many types of telescopes.  There are several ScopeGuard cases for Televue models, Takahasi models, Astro-physics models, Celestron models and several other brands. 

ScopeGuard also produces cases for telescope mounts.  There are ScopeGuard cases for Takahasi models, Astro-Physics models, Losmandy models and several other makes.

ScopeGuard strives to  produce transport cases that allows their customers to transport their telescopes, equatorial mounts and accessories safely.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a $10-$15 packing / crating fee on all cases.


Price: $50.00

Custom Order


Price: $25.00

Custom Order