Santa Barbara Instrument Group provides Charge Coupled Devices (CCD) imaging and guide systems with out-standing value and perform

ance.  Their CCDs are amazingly sensitivity with dynamic range.  SBIG is highly regarded for their many patented innovations.

SBIG has a complete line up of CCD cameras, from the SBIG ST Series CCD Cameras to the professional line of SBIG STL Series CCD Cameras. SBIG also manufactures CCD camera accessories such as adaptive optics, color filter wheels, filters, guiders, and camera lens adapters.

For the amateur astronomer, Santa Barbara Instrument Group has developed the single sensor CCD cameras.  The ST-402ME single sensor series are compact and lightweight.  The STF-8300 series are the second generation, single sensor. SBIG has also created the self-guided imaging cameras.  The STX-16803 model was SBIG’s only self-guiding imaging CCD but as of June 2012 a new model STT-8300M will be available.  

Adaptive optics offered by SBIG are the AO-8T,  the AO-X  for large format STL cameras, and more.  SBIG has a large range of filter wheels and filters.  The filter wheels they offer are 4-position filter models, 5-Position models, 8-Position models, and 10-position models.  The sizes that filters come in are 1.25 inches, 36mm, 50mm, 50.8mm, and 65 mm.  
The quality in all Santa Barbara Instrument Group products shows their dedication to the astronomy industry and their customers.


NEW! SBIG's latest CCD Camera

STT-8300M Series

No compromises. The new mid-sized STT Series cameras offer features and specifications found in no other astro-camera - of any size.


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SBIG AO-8T Adaptive Optics for STT Cameras

The AO-8T is designed for the STT Camera Series. It requires the FW8G-STT Filter Wheel or STT Remote Guide Head and OAG to operate the AO-8T. This is the same AO as the model AO-8 with a different back plate to match the STT Camera series hole patters. AO-8T

SBIG CLA-ST-83 Camera Lens Adapter (Nikon)

The CLA-ST-83 lens adapter for the STF and STT Series cameras will mount a Nikon lens to the standard filter wheel. Standard filter wheels for the STF Series are the FW5-8300 and FW8-8300. The standard filter wheel for the STT series is the FW8S-STT filter wheel. CLA-ST-83

SBIG C-mount Adapter for ST-i

C-mount lens adapter for ST-i. This is the same adapter used with the Kowa lens in the ST-i Guider Kit. 10126

SBIG Cover to Convert AO-8 to AO-8T for STT-Series Cameras

If you already have an AO-8, it can be converted to an AO-8T by changing just the back plate. SB51808

SBIG Filter Insert 36mm to 1.25"

Individual inserts that allow the use of 1.25" filters in threaded cells to be used instead of 36mm unmounted filters in the FW5-8300, FW8-8300, FW8S-STT and FW8G-STT filter wheels. 10105

SBIG Remote Guide Head for STT/STX/STXL Series

You can add a second head to your STT, STXL or STX camera and guide using a separate guide scope, camera lens or OAG. MS-REMOTEHDSTT

SBIG 12V DC Power Cord for ST-402, ST-3200 and STF Cameras

12VDC Power Cable with battery clips for ST-402, ST-3200 and STF Cameras. CA-ST402BATTERY

SBIG 2" STL Replacement Nosepiece

2" replacement nosepiece for STL Series CCD cameras. 51296

SBIG 90-240VAC Universal Power Supply

Provides the required 5VDC and 12VDC to the camera from typical line voltages found around the world. It has an on/off switch and green LED showing power is on to the camera. A separate cord is available with regional plug for N. America and Europe / Asia. This is the supply that is included with all current models of ST-7/8/9/10/2000 cameras. It is compatible with all all past models as well. 50650

SBIG Adapter Kit for AO-L to CFW8A

Adapts the AO-L to work with any dual sensor ST-7/8/9/10/2000 USB camera with CFW8A filter wheel. MS-AO-L-ADAPTER-B

SBIG Adapter Kit for AO-L to ST Series Cameras w/Dual Sensors

Adapts the AO-L to work with any dual sensor ST-7/8/9/10/2000 USB camera alone or with CFW9 or CFW10 Filter Wheel. MS-AO-L-ADAPTER-A

SBIG AO-X Adaptive Optics for STX / STXL Cameras

The AO-X is a new large aperture AO for the STX and STXL cameras. It requires the FW8G-STXL Filter Wheel. This is a new AO design that minimizes the backfocus requirement while offering a large (3" aperture) optical element to cover the 16803 CCD. It is also recommended for the STXL-11002 and STXL-6303. AO-X
$2,195.00 $1,995.00