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1.875" Paramount ME II Counterweight Shaft Extension Bar

The 8-inch long, 1.875-inch diameter Paramount ME II Counterweight Shaft Extension Bar (sold separately) screws into the end of the 1.875-inch Paramount ME II counterweight shaft.

12v Car Charger

A cigarette-type power lead for iOptron telescopes. No more buying batteries! Easy connection to car cigarette lighter output.

Flat Pier Plate for 10" ATS and other non-Astro-Physics piers (1612FP)

This Flat Pier Plate (1612FP) has been machined to the specifications of the Advanced Telescope System (ATS) 10” pier. It is sized to fit directly into the pier without modifications and provide a mounting surface for our 10” Flat Surface Adapter (1612FSA) (previously 1200FSA). It will add 0.75” to the height of the pier.

iOptron GoToNova Controller 8401

Comes standard on all A-series mounts, GotoNova Kits, CubePro, MiniTower, and MiniTower Pro.

Losmandy Gemini 2 Hand Controller

Gemini 2 Hand Controller.

Lunt Engineering Precision Bearing Casters

Set of Three (3) Precision Steel Ball Bearing Castors. These Castors fully and firmly lock in both axis and each has a 200kg (440 lb.) load capacity.

Lunt Engineering Stainless Steel Spikes

Set of Three (3) Stainless Steel Chrome Spikes with stainless steel M12 shafts.

Lunt Engineering Super Lander Adjustable Twin Top Plates Assembly

Universal Twin Top Plate Assembly, machined to fit virtually any mount or adapter on the market.

Lunt Engineering Wireless Two-Button Remote Control Unit

Wireless two-button remote control unit for the Power Lander and Super Lander models.

Software Bisque MX Pier to Paramount MYT Base Adapter Plate

This optional Paramount MX Pier to Paramount MYT Base Adapter Plate allows the Paramount MYT to be mounted to the Software Bisque Paramount MX Permanent Pier.

Software Bisque Pyramid Extension Tube (6")

To accommodate longer optical tubes, one or more extension tubes can be added to the Pyramid Portable Pier top plate.
$99.00 $84.15

Software Bisque WiSky MKS 5000 Wi-Fi Control

WiSky™ allows TheSkyX Pro or TheSkyX for iOS to wirelessly control your Paramount ME II, Paramount MX, Paramount MYT, any Paramount ME upgraded with the MKS 5000, or any mount that employs Software Bisque's MKS 5000 dual axis motion control system.