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Carson MS-040 40x-400x Biological Microscope

The MS-040, 40-400X Microscope is an entry-level Biological Microscope that is ideal for a student or family. The Microscope has a monocular head, at 45 degree angle for comfortable viewing, and is rotatable 360 degrees for easy sharing of the specimen view.

Carson MS-100 100x-1000x Biological Microscope

The MS-100, 100-1000X Microscope is an intermediate level Biological Microscope that is ideal for a high school or university student, hobbyist or technician.

Carson MS-160 40x-1600x Biological Microscope

The MS-160, 40-1600X microscope is an advanced level Biological Microscope that is ideal for the university student, industrial professional or doctor.

Carson zPix Digital Microscope

Introducing Carson’s new zPix MM-640, a powerful digital zoom microscope that displays the magnified image right on your computer screen with VGA resolution 640x480. The wide range of zoom magnification (26x - 130x) allows for a wide array of details of ordinary objects one would never knew existed!

iOptron Electronic Microscope w/ LCD screen

6820 - This high-tech microscope is capable of both digital viewing through a large 3.5” LCD screen and via traditional eyepieces for additional magnification. The camera imbedded in the digital eyepiece can shoot both pictures and videos.

Meade #904 25-Piece Slide Set

08051 - Twenty-five prepared slides for observing through your microscope.

Meade Model 9260 Microscope w/51 Piece Kit

08018 - The Meade Model 9260 is a fun, easy to use, precision instrument for exploring the awesome hidden realm of the microscopic world. View everyday objects as you've never seen them before - from the fibrous nature of human hair, to the crystal structure of common table salt, to microorganisms within a drop of pond water.