Losmandy Dovetail Plate for 12" Meade

DM 12 - Meade 12 Dovetail Plate

Meade dovetail plate for 12", bolts to existing holes. Wt. 3.5 lbs. Length 18.925" HS 18.175, Ht. top of tube to top of dovetail plate 1.20"

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Losmandy Dovetail Plate Universal - Short

DUP-S - Dovetail Plate Universal - Short. Half the length of the DUP and has the bolt pattern of a Takahashi tube ring, among others.

Losmandy Dovetail Plate for 7" Meade

DM 7 - Meade 7 Maksutov Dovetail Plate

Losmandy Dovetail Weight Set

DVWS - Losmandy Dovetail adapter with a 5 inch long threaded stainless steel shaft and 2.5 lb weight.