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 Brunton is known for their innovative and professional grade technical gear for outdoor activities.  They design and manufacture spotting scopes, binoculars, flashlights, lanterns, compasses, altimeters/barometers, pedometers, batteries, solar power, and many other products for the outdoor. 

Brunton offer several series of spotting scopes.  The Eterna series are popular with wildlife enthusiast because the ED (Extra-low Dispersion fluorite) glass provides sharp detail at a distance.  The Brunton Icon Spotting scopes are designed with technology that intensifies dim light for spot-on clarity eliminates distortion and delivers true color with edge-to-edge crispness.  

Bruton manufactures a wide range of binoculars.  The Lite-Tech series are their entry-level binoculars.  These binoculars are incredible reliable that provide bright, crisp images.  The Lite-Tech binoculars are available in mid-size and full-size.  Bruton Echo binoculars are comfortable, versatile size and weight, and are equipped with the most features in it price range.  The Eterna series binoculars provide outstanding clarity, perform in low light conditions and are at a reasonable price.  Bruton Epoch series are high-end binoculars that provide unparalleled clarity, brightness and detail, with true color and amazing depth of field. 

Bruton produces amazing range of outdoor instruments.  The ADC Pro Atomspheric Data Center is an incredible altimeter.  It measures, counts, track interprets, forecasts, logs virtually every aspect of a trip.  With a push of a button you can get information such as, current temperature, wind speed, wind chill, water speed, altitude, prediction for 12 hour’s weather, storm alarm and much more.  Another outdoor instrument that Bruton offers are solar panels.  They have the Solari 12-12V that is a 12 panel foldable solar array that converts sunlight into 12-volt electricity.  For a more permanent solar solution, Bruton has SolarFlat 15.  It is for mounting on an RV, cabin or even a boat.  It produces 12-volt electricity and is weather proof.  Bruton is also known for their compasses.  They have compasses that range from the simple to the most complex.

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Brunton ADC Infrared Receiver

The ADC IR allows you to download data from your ADC unit to your computer via USB connection. Plug-and-play, it's as simple as that! Download information from your JetSet, Pro or Summit. ADC-IR

Brunton Kayaker’s Compass

It is what it’s called, the kayaker’s compass. Waterproof and built to last, the 58-Kayak straps on to your kayak with elastic cords and is easily removed to throw your boat on the rack. F-58KAYAK

Brunton Model 26DNL-CL Avalanche Compass

Built for the extreme, our mirrored Avalanche compass is a must for the snowy backcountry. It features an avalanche slope indicator and clinometer, declination scale and handy look-through sighting. Snow is no problem for this weather-tight compass.


Brunton Ultrafine Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth

Rid you binoculars, scopes or eyeglasses from dust, oily stains, and fingerprints easily. These microfiber lens cloths are made from a blend of Polyester and Polyamide. Each cloth wears the Brunton name boldly. LENSC